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Abacus & Brain Gym


The SIP Abacus & Brain Gym caters to children in the age group of
7 – 12 years. SABG is a well structured programme developed as a
result of several years of systematic research by certified trainers
and is updated on a regularly to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

This 'whole brain development program’ combines the Abacus system with the science of Brain Gym to enhance the interaction between the left and the right brain. This helps maximize the potential of the child’s brain through regular practice of combined with speed writing.

The programme combines the concept of ‘fun learning’ and regular practice to enhance brain development in children resulting in the improvement in concentration, retention, memory and confidence.

Learning is made very easy and quick due to improved grasping powers and retention, thus saving time and enabling them to pursue other interests. This helps children work more efficiently and effectively in school and as well as co-curricular activities.


Toyo Academy Programme Benefits


  • Improves accuracy & speed
  • Improves concentration
  • Builds confidence
  • Improves numerical ability and logical skills
  • Enhances listening skills
  • Improves observation
  • Enhances visual memory
  • Accelerates retention and recall
  • Enhances problem solving abilities
  • Brain Gym helps de-stress, energise and activate the brain
  • Speed Writing helps write faster and neater especially in timed exam environments.


  • Number of Levels : 8
  • Each Level : 3 months
  • Each Class : 2 ½ hours, once a week (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Batch Size : 15 (maximum) to ensure individual attention
  • Specially trained faculty
  • Certificate at the end of each level
*Regular practice and attendance is essential in order to derive the benefits.