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AMAL (Accelerated Mental Learning) has been developed with a vision to
build and improve multiple intelligences skills in the child to make them
ready for the future. AMAL is for children in the age group 4.5-7 years. AMAL is a specially researched & designed 'fun based approach' of imparting skills to children through fun and creative activities resulting in accelerated learning imparting multiple intelligences.

Accelerated learning makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience. The AMAL programme is conceptualised to develop multiple intelligence in young children. AMAL teachers are trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using creative puzzles, story-telling, music, cooperative learning, colouring activities, role play and much more.


AMAL is developed around the concept of Kinesthetic Visual Auditory (KVA) techniques of teaching and learning and uses the following to achieve accelerated learning in children.

  • Alpha Music
  • Visual Reminders
  • Flash Cards
  • Abacus
  • Creative Puzzles
  • Fun Games
  • Group discussions
  • Role Play
  • Story Telling
  • Colouring Activities



  • Boosts child's confidence
  • Builds team spirit and socialization skills
  • Enhances listening skills
  • Improves smart thinking and creativity
  • Removes the fear of numbers
  • Develops values
  • Helps face challenges
  • Improves retention and memory
  • Improves writing skills
  • Reduces the time taken to learn and memorise things
  • Stimulates inquisitiveness from "what" to "How"
  • Improves logical and problem solving skills
  • Promotes a holistic approach to learning
  • Develops a winning attitude
  • Quick decision making


  • Number of levels :  3 (A, B & C)
  • Each Level :  3 Months
  • Each Class :  2 1/2 hours, once a week (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Batch Size : 12 (maximum) to ensure individual attention
  • Specially trained faculty
  • Specially designed colourful training aids to draw the child's attention
  • Certificate at the end of the entire course.


Toyo Academy Programme - AMAL in a NutShell

*Regular practice and attendance is essential in order to derive the benefits.