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My son Siddharth has been student of Toyo academy for past 3 years. It has created interest for him subjects especially Maths. Now he enjoys the Maths and has earned good ranks in international Mathematics competitions too.


Keith- a little mathematician and is very fond of Mathematics. Hisinterest in Mathematics is enhanced to a higher degree after joiningfor ABACUS course. Mathematics is very simple and easy in his littlefingers and finishes problems within no time with greater accuracy. Eventhe answers are ready before the questions are put to him. ABACUS madehim confident of solving mathematical puzzles in minimal time.
The concentration and speed achieved through ABACUS practice helped himscoring many competitive exams. He won distinction in Mathematics andScience in International Assessments for Indian schools (IAIS)competitions conducted by NEW SOUTH WALES UNIVERSITY of AUSTRALIA andscored 1054th rank in the 4th international Mathematics Olympiad in theyear 2010, besides many achievements. His interest and talent inMathematics gave him the nick name "MASTER KEITH" by his Mathematicsteacher of his school.

Gouri Nandana
Gouri Nandana 5

My daughter Gouri Nandana is a student of The Toyo Academy Kollam. She is in her forth level of Abacus Course in the Toyo Academy. In my experience coaching in this institution is very helpful to my daughter. She became smart by the systematic training given by the teachers of this institution. Abacus training is very helpful to develop a good personality and sound academic quality. I think all the students from this institution have good leadership quality and healthy friendship.

- Sreekumar Kartha

Arjun.R 5

We put Arjun in TTA when he was 6. When he started as an AMAL student, he was shy and an introvert. He is now in the 7th level of the Abacus program and we have witnessed an amazing change in him. He has had tremendous improvement in his social skills and has seen a consistent improvement in his grades at school too. He has become more confident and achieves high marks through self-study and does not depend on any tuition.

Meenakshi.J.J 5

My daughter is only in the third standard at school and the 4th level in TTA. All her teachers and friends are surprised at her ability to do mental calculations through abacus visualization. It is difficult to fathom a little child of her age approach numbers so fearlessly. She has become self-reliant in studies, more confident in speaking and very attentive in class. It makes me proud while watching her perform at demonstrations for the Academy. Great work TTA!

J.R.Padmanabhan & J.R.Parthan
J.R.Padmanabhan & J.R.Parthan 5

Both my sons study at TTA in different levels of the Abacus program. They both began with the AMAL course and then went on to the Abacus course. I have seen a great deal of improvement in their performance in school as well as their attitude to studies. TTA has cultivated in them a love for numbers and a habit of systematic work and practice which has helped them improve in mathematics and other subjects alike.