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The Dynamic Toyo Team

The Toyo Academy - Mrs.Gayathri Krishnamurthy Mrs.Gayathri Krishnamurthy, Founding Partner & Chief Mentor
An engineer by qualification (PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore) and a floriculturist by profession, amidst her various business interests, TTA is an endeavor she is very dedicated and passionate about. Her commitment towards the betterment of children and her perseverance has seen the growth of TTA over the years.

The Toyo Academy - Miss.Sangeetha KrishnamurthyMiss.Sangeetha Krishnamurthy, Co-Partner & MD
A post graduate in Accounting & Finance from the University of Essex (UK), Miss.Sangeetha has brought with her a professional touch and systematic work culture to TTA. Having joined the Academy in 2011, she has lent a youthful vigour and enthusiasm to the TTA team.

The Toyo Academy - Mrs.Nasiya BeeviMrs.Nasiya Beevi, Course Instructor
A teacher with over 15 years of experience, Mrs.Nasiya (BCom, Pre-Primary TTC) has been with TTA since its inception. She specialises in the AMAL course and is the little child’s best friend!

The Toyo Academy - Mrs.Remya Baiju Mrs.Remya Baiju, Course Instructor
Another of our long-serving team members with an unbelievable level of popularity among students and parents alike, Mrs.Remya (BCom) handles Abacus students in various levels.

The Toyo Academy - Miss.Lavanya.TMiss.Lavanya.T, Course Instructor
A seasoned course instructor, having been with TTA since its heydays, Miss. Lavanya (MCA) has the experience of handling various students in different levels.